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Photograph a house to optimize its attributes:

  • Photograph the interior and exterior of the home in a way that emphasizes it's attributes, provide high resolution photos for print, and separate small jpeg images for use online - $100
  • Provide cursory staging assistance (for the photographs) and references within our network of professional stagers for more complex projects - $20 per hour
  • Digitally enhance house photographs to optimize a house's appeal - $20 per hour

Provide black and white digital artist renderings of a house at an exceptional value price - $50

Provide extremely detailed artist rendered pen and ink drawings of a house - $180

Develop flyers and brochures for the house
$30 per page for the ColeHome template (photos and verbiage separate),
$20 per hour for custom design or changes to the template

Construct and host a webpage specifically for the house. This provides a tasteful and more comprehensive alternative than many standard services and is especially desirable for high-end properties.
$50 per page for the ColeHome template (photos and verbiage separate) as seen on www.swananna.com,
$20 per hour for custom design or changes to the template

  • Homepage- General introduction page (text provided by you) promoting the best features of the house and your contact info
  • Interior - page with photos and description of each room (provided by you)
  • Exterior - page with photos and description of the gardens and exterior of the house
  • Specifications - page with general specifications and systems of the house
  • History - for historic homes, description of the house's history
  • Location - directions to the house and a photo
  • Custom - any page that you would like to design
  • Write custom copy for your website - if your time is of the essence we can do it for you - $20 per hour

Market the house on the Internet utilizing advertising venus targeting unique-home buyers

  • Submit the website to yahoo & google - the two top search engines - $15
  • Write promotional copy for the house $20 per hour
  • Write and submit advertisements to craigslist.com & zillow.com - $30
  • Submit to specialist websites that can help market specialty properties (such as historic properties.com)
  • Assistance with print advertising (such as newspapers) is available upon request

Disclaimer: We are not Realtors. We provide services to assist homeowners and licensed realtors to better sell property. Please note that only a licensed agent can list your house on realtor.com or on the MLS. For specific legal real estate questions, please consult a lawyer.

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